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    Name: Oliver Tindle
    Email: oliver.tindle@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 148
    Building Phone: (314) 241-0993
    Teacher Message: 
    Hello parents and students!  Welcome to my new (hopefully temporary) classroom!  Here you will find any information relative to music class and music therapy sessions.
    The effects of this global virus is new and a challenging experience for all of us.  Particularly for how we educate our children.  My hope is to share with you my knowledge, passion, and musical skills in a manner that will be comforting, fun, educational, and inspiring.
    My approach to this new educational format will be to continue where we left off prior to spring break.  I will do my best to post any assignments and lessons in a timely manner.  Please be patient with me.  This will take some time to normalize as a routine.
    Being a musician and somewhat tech savvy, I have a home studio where I am able to record audio and visual lessons.  I hope to post many video ideas, lessons, and singalongs for our students.  I will also post any relevant internet links to the topics being covered.  Lastly, I hope to build activities and lessons in conjunction with other therapists at Gateway Michael to support the musical, occupational, physical, and speech IEP goals of our students. 
    In addition to being the music therapist at Gateway Michael, I am a member of the Carver Garden committee and an experienced home gardener.  We are a Gold awarded healthy school and I believe we should carry that mentality forward into our period of isolation.  I will be posting a series of 'how-to' garden videos in addition to my music lessons.  These videos will document my progress of developing, opening, and maintaining my home garden with a hope of encouraging you to embrace and potentially create your own garden space.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.  I would happy to help in any possible way!
    I hope we can all continue to work together to address the educational, emotional, physical, and social needs of our students as well as each other through this strange time.  I am here with an open mind and heart for all of you.  If you need anything from me, do not hesitate to contact me.  Stay positive, safe, and uplifted during this time.  We will all come through this together.  
    Oliver Tindle
    Oliver D. Tindle, MA, MT-BC
    Phone: 314-241-0993
    email: oliver.tindle@slps.org
    Bachelors of Science in Music Therapy
    Certified Music Therapist
    Masters of Arts in International Relations
    Honorably Discharged U.S.. Army
    I have been the music therapist and music teacher at Gateway Michael elementary school since 2002.  I am the first music therapist to work for the St. Louis Public Schools.  I once had to travel to numerous schools to service students receiving music therapy, now I am permanently assigned to Gateway Michael.  
    My initial expectations were not to stay in the city school district.  But, it didn't take me long to realize I found a wonderful place to work.  Gateway Michael is truly a beautiful, caring place within the SLPS system.  Our students/families have taught me more about my personal priorities and life perspective than I could have found at any other place of employment.  
    I now carry the experience and understanding required to meet the needs of our unique population of students.  As a minority male educator, I know that I have a duty to inspire and be a role model to our underserved children.  My heart is with our families, staff, and students forever.



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