• Gateway Michael School, a self contained special education setting, serves students with serious health problems and multiple disabilities, ages three through fourteen at the Samuel Shephard, Jr. Educational Park on Jefferson Avenue. Its distinct location allows students opportunities to be integrated with general education students’ from Gateway Elementary/Middle throughout the day for meals, classes, recess, assemblies, or other activities as their health and abilities allow. Established over 80 years ago to educate a largely ignored group of children labeled “crippled” by society, Gateway Michael continues to provide opportunities for children who require extra help to make progress in an educational setting.


    The backbone of our instructional program is the federally-mandated Individual Education Program (IEP) which defines the services and supports necessary to facilitate educational success for students with special needs. Tailored to specific individual goals that range from traditionally academic pursuits, such as reading and mathematics, to those not covered in the general education classroom, such as motor skill improvement or self-help skills, the IEP, in concert with the District’s curriculum, sets the course for the educational experience of our students.