• Welcome back to all scholars, parents and staff! 

    This will be a wonderful and productive school year.  I am so excited about coming back to Jefferson.  I am Ms. Denise Bass, currently a building guest teacher .Last school year I was in the Pre-k room. My role for this year will be a building sub; I will fill in as needed throught the school at Jefferson. My favorite subjects are reading and Black history.  I am very creative and I love to do craft projects with all of the students.   I will be able to teacher the classes of Pre-k through 5th grade.  I will also fill in for art, music and P.E.   I had a blast with the early learners. I am hoping to spread the word that "Jefferson is the education station!"  All of our educators are passionate and highly trained.  We work for the scholars and parents. Please feel free to say "Hi" when you see me in the school building.  I want to wish  all of the scholars and parents a blessed and productive school year, 2023-2024!

    We Can Do This!