Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Scurlock


I'm Alexis Scurlock, born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. Currently, I'm a Long-Term Building Substitute and Monroe's Photographer. Being here at Monroe is truly helping to enhance my abilities by assisting in teaching children and I also love that I greatly learn a great deal from them as well. I enjoy almost all forms of creativity, fitness, holistic-wellness practices, being immersed in nature, and spending time with family. A fun fact about me is that I get into talking in different accents. I discovered this funny and unique skill when I was a teenager and ever since I can't help but to randomly speak in a Jamaican, African, British, and Irish/Welsh accent at times. . .I'm an avid believer in the philosophy that one must never grow too old for fun and to keep the inner child alive, as the journey of life continues. Thus, talking in accents at random times, is one of my main outlets to allow myself to tap into the energy of humor. Ultimately, my main purpose and aim in life is to extend massive healing, joy, and love into the world as much as possible. Other than this, I'm a rather eclectic, vibrant, and young heart-old spirit of a being, while also having an infinite array of hues in my own authentic way.


Later lovelies ^_^