• #Lit4TheLou

    The Literacy for the Lou kick-off event was an overwhelming success, attracting nearly 4,000 attendees and featuring 29 partner tables. The generosity of our literacy partners was showcased through the distribution of 2,430 high-quality books, including some from local authors, 2,000 books from Follett, and 10,000 books from Scholastic. This initiative aimed to grow home libraries in St. Louis and launch the city-wide book club, 'Books for the Lou.' 

    Despite challenging weather conditions, the residents of St. Louis were unshaken in their support for literacy as the St. Louis Public Library experienced a record-setting day with 150 new library card applications. The event's success is a testament to the collective commitment to education and community engagement. Saint Louis Public Schools would like to express our gratitude to featured authors Malcolm Mitchell, Tami Charles, Soman Chainani, and Trey Baker; student authors Zara Daughety and Ava Johnson; local barbers/stylists Ms. Candy, BA Davis, Toot Cuts, and Breon Tony; face paint artists; the Men of Omega Psi Phi and Phi Beta Sigma; the "retired school educators of St. Louis," and especially the Saint Louis Public Library that made this event happen for families. Thank you, St. Louis, for choosing literacy and making a profound impact on our community's future. 

    With the foundation laid by this event, we anticipate a brighter future for our children, embodying the mission statement, 'You can go anywhere from here.' This is just the beginning!