Name: Mwalimu Daniels

    Room Number(s):306
    Subject(s):Positive Behavior Improvement Support  (PBIS)
    Building Phone:314-533-0894
    Teacher Message: What is the major role of PBIS? PBIS is a multi-tiered framework to make our school a more effective place. It establishes a social culture and the behavior support systems that are needed to improve social, emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes for all students.
    Biography: Jambo (hello) I am Mwalimu Daniels and I have been with SLPS for a total of 7 years and have been at Pamoja for over 4 years serving as the PBIS person. I have been the Athletic Director, Boys and Girls Basketball Coach, myself and the school was featured on Channel 5 News as an oustading educator and past School News Paper Editor, just to name a few.