• What is African-centered Education?

     Short answer: African-centered Education is a

    process that equips a student to meet the

    challenges and solve the problems that affect

    African, or Black, people.


    Do the children learn about other things besides

    Africa and Black History?

     Yes. We have all the same core subjects as other public 



    We’re in America. Why is there a need for an

    African-centered school?

     Mounting research evidences the need for Black

    people in America to reclaim positive African

    identity and culture, The community’s response

    supports this; we’ve gone from 140 to over 400

    students by the end of our 2nd year, and have

    maintained that enrollment ever since.


    Does the school have a dress code?

     Students are encouraged to wear African attire

    any day of the week. Otherwise, wearing a school

    uniform is necessary- navy or khaki bottoms and

    navy, light blue or white shirt, belt, & shoes that

    cover the whole foot.


    Does the school practice African spirituality?

     We are a public school. We do not embrace nor

    endorse any spiritual / religious expression.

    Does the school teach hate?

     No. Our school teaches us to love and work to improve ourselves, families, communities,

    neighborhoods, nations, race, and world.


    Is the school only for Black people?

     No. We do have non-African, non-Black students and staff.


    Is it true the school doesn’t observe mainstream holidays?

     Yes. Please see our website for a more complete

    explanation of our holiday philosophy, schedule

    and protocol.