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    Password: sent in separate attachment 

    1. Open Office.com and sign in with your school provided username and password.

    2. From your Office.com homepage, click on the Teams app to open right in your browser.

    3. Select Teams button and then click on Mrs. Overmann 4th grade.

    4. On the left side click on the word channels. For each channel, when you click on it, you will then click files at the top of the page. Here’s where you will find the assignments.

    If you prefer a visual to help talk you through how to sign in see the following video: Microsoft Support: https://www.microsoft.com/enus/videoplayer/embed/RE4rrKE?pid=ocpVideo0-innerdivoneplayer&postJsllMsg=true&maskLevel=20&market=en-us


     Norms and Netiquette for Virtual Learning

     Participate: Students must contribute to the conversations. A shared learning environment is only effective if everyone involved actually shares.

     Help Others: The benefit of virtual learning is that you (students) can act as additional support. If another student posts a question that you know the answer to, help him or her out!

     Keep it Positive: Let us keep our posts, conversations, and feedback positive! Stop and ask yourself: how would you like to be “spoken” to?

     Remove Distractions From the Environment: Remove distractions that may take your attention away from learning, where possible. When someone else is speaking on a video call, mute your screen so that there are not any distractions to the speaker. Close out all other browsers and/or apps so that you can remain focused on your work.

     Be Courteous: Address Mrs. Overmann and other students in a respectful manner, even when disagreeing. Avoid using all uppercase letters; this is often considered the equivalent of shouting.




Last Modified on August 23, 2021