Welcome to the 2nd semester in Room 205!!

    Below is a list of subjects we will cover this year in 5th grade.

    ELA - reading, spelling, writing

    • New reading program has all of the ELA parts in one book. (Best news ever!)
    • There is an online version that students can access at home to complete work, read over material, and explore.
    • Students will have stories that cross all genres - realistic fiction, fantasy, biographies, myths, folk and traditional tales.
    • We will cover units on reflections, poetry, and earth's systems.
    • www.savvasrealize.com 


    • We're starting the 2nd semester with fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing), volume, measurements, representing and interpreting data, geometry, and algebra.
    • Same as the reading program - can access it online.
    • www.savvasrealize.com


    • We'll be using a number of resources - textbook, trade books, websites, etc.
    • Our topics for the 2nd semester are earth's systems, weather, atmosphere, and earth's resources and environment.
    • We'll also be doing investigations on the above topics.

    Social Studies

    • This semester our topics include Changes in the US as a Result of Economic Factors and the Change in Economic, Political, and Social Rights of Individuals and Groups Over Time.

    If you have anything to add to our learning - stories about what you learned, how you learned, artifacts, etc. - we'd love to hear from you. It's good to over fill our learning tool box.




Last Modified on January 2, 2023