• Welcome to Shenandoah Elementary School!!
    We welcome you to our school. 

    As we plan for a beginning like nothing we have seen in the past, we have made some shifts in teaching and learning… common schedules, easy to access digital resources, and more streamlined communication to name a few.

    What I want to continue to ask you is for patience as we move into week one of virtual learning. Things are not going to be perfect next week, but that is okay! We will continue to be flexible and adaptable to all the challenges that come our way.

    We are located at 3412 Shenandoah Ave. in South St. Louis in the Tower Grove East Neighborhood. It is our goal to continue building partnerships with the community which will help to strengthen our educational program and our school community. At Shenandoah our expectation is to ensure that we continue the tradition of providing our students with a quality education and educational experience. We are always "Learning Great Things At Shenandoah Elementary School!"





    Mission: Shenandoah is commited to working together to inspire greatness in every classroom every day relentlessy for all students in our care. 


    Vision: The Shenandoah community will inspire every student through relentless rigourous instruction to ensure they develop into citizens of intelligence and character in a dynamic world. 

    Please continue to support our efforts as we embark upon a new school year.

    We look forward to working with you!
    Chad Rooney
    (314) 772-7544