Amazing things to come at Monroe for our future leaders...Go Dragons!

  • Monroe Elementary

    Monroe Elementary School, designed by William B. Ittner, was built in 1899 and reopened in 2001 as an EMINTS Academy.

    Our MissionWe Will ... Educate, Empower and Encourage Every Student Every Day.

    Our Vision: We are preparing future leaders to excel in an ever-changing society. 

    We will accomplish this by: 

      • Coming to work on time prepared to teach
      • Having a positive attitude
      • Using positive language at all times
      • Being flexible to follow students down their educational path
      • Establishing sound routines
      • Building meaningful relationships with our students
      • Helping children understand the importance of being responsible for their own learning
      • Encouraging everyone to do their best
      • Capitalizing on teachable moments
      • Having high expectations for everyone
      • Providing a safe learning environment for all