• Welcome to third grade

    Welcome students and parents to Mrs. Kelsey's third grade class. It's going to be a successful year full of learning. 



    • Bring your fully charged iPad every day
    • Parents should check your email regularly for District information
    • Masks are required on the bus and at school


    Microsoft Teams Link


    Important Information about Virtual Learning

    In the event that the whole class is required to move to virtual learning, live lessons will be held through Microsoft Teams. The link is above. Students are expected to be online, in Teams, at 8:20. We will follow are regular classroom schedule. Students can access the daily meeting through their Teams calendar on their Ipads. I can also "call" students into the meeting directly. Your child will have a photo on their iPad of all of their usernames and passwords for our learning apps.

    If your child does not have an Ipad, work packets have been created for 5 days of reading and math work. Contact the school to pick up the packet or have it mailed to you.

    In the event that your child is quarantined or contracts Covid, weekly blended lessons are posted in the Virtual Learning section of this website. The lessons can be completed through the Savvas app for reading and math using the student interactive workbook. If your child does not have an iPad, contact the school for a work packet.

    *The apps that we use are Savvas, IXL, and EPIC.


    Please call me with any questions or concerns.



    IMonroe Elementary School Theme this year will be college and career readiness.

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    School Phone:   314-776-7315

    Office Hours Online:  Microsoft Teams M-F 8:00 - 3:00

    Email: jill.kelsey@slps.org