Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Rhea Willis

Room #-218

Subjects: Human Body, Environmental Science, Life/Biology,Physical Science and Practical Math

Contact Hours for Support:  By appointment only


Class Days and Times 

A days         Mon &  Wed (every other) Friday

1st Hour Human Body-   Time: 8:05am-9:35am 

2nd Hour Physical Science - Time:  9:40am-11:10am

3rd Hour Human Body  - Time:  11:15am -1:25pm


Teachers Lunch

A Day  Lunch 12:50pm-1:25pm

B Day  Lunch  11:15am- 11:45am


B days   Tues & Thursday (every other) Friday

5th  Hour Life /Biology - 8:05am-9:35am 

6th Hour Environment Science -Time:  9:40am-11:10am

7th Hour Practical Math -  Time:  11:15am -1:25pm


Links to Class teams

1st  hour Human Body 

Link to MS Teams:


2nd hour Physical Science



3rd hour- Human Body



5th Hour -Life/Biology Science



6th hour Environment Science



7th Hour Practical Math