Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Rhea Willis

Room #-F240

Subjects: Essential Math, Consumer Math, Life/Biology and Practical Math

Contact Hours for Support:  By appointment only


Class Days and Times 

A days     Mon &  Wed (every other) Friday

2nd Hour Practical Math -  Time: 10:20AM-11:40AM 

3rd CWC Class- 12:15PM-1:35PM 

4th Hour- Consumer Math - Time 1:40PM -3:02PM


Teachers Lunch

A Day  Lunch 11:40AM-12:20PM

B Day  Lunch  1:05PM-1:35PM


B days   Tues & Thursday (every other) Friday

5th  Hour Essential Math -Time: 8:10AM-9:30PM 

7th Hour Consumer Math -  Time: 11:45AM -1:05PM

8th Hour Life/Biology Time 1:40PM-3:02PM