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Ms. Tationa Trice

Hello, my name is Tationa Trice and this is my second year of teaching. I am currently the Freshmen Literature/Composition I teacher and I teach Freshmen. I am excited about teaching this year's Freshmen along with getting to know them and having fun while learning.

I am a huge nerd when it comes to English because I love reading, writing, and watching movies. Anime is one of my go-tos as well as reading manga. Books are my life, and I am excited to spread my love of books with my students. Although I am a new-ish teacher, I do have experience of where I can help my students be the best they can be, but also be successful, not just in my classroom but in their other classrooms as well.


My contact information is via email, which is:


This is the link to my assignments and calendar as well. This means you will be able to see my syllabus and what we are working on throughout the year as well as what we will do each quarter: Freshman Lit Syllabus.pdf


My schedule is this:

I STRONGLY URGE ALL parents to keep an eye on their child/children’s grades via SIS and on TEAMS. My classes are as follows: 

1st Period: Planning Period

2nd Period: Freshman Lit

3rd Period: Freshman Lit

4th Period: Freshman Lit

5th Period: Freshman Lit

6th Period: Planning Period


7th Period: Freshman Lit


8th Period: Freshman Lit


This is also my link to my Teams page for parents/guardians and students: Trice's Teams


Class Expectations: Trice Classroom Management and Class Expectations