Vashon High School 
    Army JROTC
    Wolverines Battalion

      Overview Page
    Welcome to Vashon's JROTC Academic Virtual Distance Learning 

    Effective March 23, 2020 through April 22, 2020 our JROTC program will be using Virtual Distance Learning to help Cadets to continue learning while school is not in session and to minimize disruption. 

    Virtual Distance Learning impliese that teachers and students are separated. 

    All JROTC Cadets should log into Microsoft TEAMS to continue using their TEAMS classroom for assignments. If you need your log in or password contact your instructor at the following email address: SGM Wright (Walter.Wright@slps.org) and SFC Harris (Lorenzo.Harris@slps.org).  


    This is the official home page for the Vashon High School Army JROTC program. Here, you can check out what is new, keep up to date with the daily-updated Calendar, check out some Pictures of our past events in the home page, or find out a little more about our program on the About us page. This site is here to inform and keep you up to date with Vashon's JROTC, and keep you entertained on the side...


     About Us


    Vashon High School JROTC program activation year was 1996. This is a character development program and builds success leaders for the future. Never deviating from the JROTC mission ("To Motivate Young People To Be Better Citizens"), the Vashon JROTC program strives to help lead young people down the past of success and opening doors of opportunity for those willing to put forth the effort of commitment.


     Cadet Leadership


    JROTC instructors encourage and implement cadet leadership opportunities, allowing for direct peer-to-peer leadership. This style sends the message that students are willing, involved, and influences others to follow their classmates, friends and peers to do the right thing. JROTC is cadet lead and requires a team effort to build a successful peer lead program.

    Together, Everyone Achieves More! 


    Engaging Curriculum 


    Each lesson benefits the whole student and prepares them for the tedious but conquerable life ahead. For example, cadets receive life skills training in first aid, etiquette and resume writing. Here, success begins in the JROTC program.