Here are some sites to find art projects while you are social distancing:


    Pinterest.com- search elementary art, preschool art, fun art for kids







    I have been a teacher for twenty-two years.  Throughout my teaching practice, I have taught a variety of subjects including middle school History, and Communication Arts, Fifth and Sixth grade, and of course… ART!!!  I graduated from Webster University in St. Louis Missouri in 1999 and hold two Missouri State certifications, Elementary Education 1-6, and Art Education K-12.  In addition to teaching Visual Art at Shaw School, I also am a teaching artist for C.O.C.A. (Center of Creative Arts) located in St. Louis Missouri where I spend my summers creating art with children. 

    I am an artist with many facets.  I am a potter, a drawer as well as a painter.  I have been an artist as long as I can remember!  As a child I learned through the arts, in fact the arts are what inspired me to be the best that I could be.  I know exactly how important it is to foster the arts in young children.  In my classroom, your child will explore his or her inner artist and use visual art as a means for self expression.  My classroom is a place that children can feel save, get creative and be make connections to their other subject areas as well as the world around them.