• Welcome to Humboldt Academy!

    • Principal: Ms. Belinda Quimby
    • Office: 314-932-5720
    • Email: Belinda.Quimby@slps.org

    As the new principal at Humboldt Academy, I want to welcome you and your students to join us for an innovative and constructive new year. We happily welcome back this year's 4th and 5th grade students and are anticipating meeting our new 3rd graders. We hope to plan fun family events so you can join us as often as possible.

    Most of all, we intend to provide a safe, comfortable learning environment that fosters independent and cooperative learning, facilitates belonging for all students, and develops students' confidence and competence in all subject areas. Please check in with the office about registration and visiting the school.

    At Humboldt Academy, we are constructing learning and developing strong character. We learn better together.

    Here's to a great year!

    Principal Quimby

    Ms. Quimby