• Arts Department

    Expectations in the Arts Department

    The Visual and Performing Arts Department will provide a stimulating arts environment in which infusion of the arts is the vehicle used to foster learning in the academic subject areas. Designed to address students’ interests, skills and abilities in the arts, the focus of this program will be on enhancing academic achievement and encouraging excellence in the development of students’ talents and passions for the arts. Students will receive specialized studies in the visual arts, theatre arts, music and dance so that their intellectual and aesthetic capacities will be strengthened both by the teaching of arts disciplines and by teaching the academic disciplines through the arts. The arts will be presented as an integral part of a string academic program. Students will be taught an arts-infused curriculum developed using National Arts Education Standards to promote and support the goals and objectives of the Missouri Standard Course of Study for each grade level. The arts will serve as the core of the curriculum, allowing for varied teaching strategies to be utilized and designed to address the learning needs of students and to encourage advanced study in a particular discipline of the arts.

    Expectations for the Student/Family

    Visual and Performing Arts students are expected to demonstrate conscientious academic effort by regularly completing assignments and by participating constructively in lessons, activities, performances, ect. At every grade level, the program requires focus and discipline. The student should have a strong interest in the arts and be committed to developing personal artistic abilities, enjoy participating in artistic performances and endeavors, be a creative, original thinker, and work well independently or in groups. Families should be supportive by regularly attending school activities and  ensuring that their child participates in performances, including evening arts events.