Welcome to NCNAA Art! 

    Contact information: 

    email: zoe.reed@slps.org

    phone: 314-776-3285 (NCNAA Office) 

    Office Hours: M-F 2:00-2:45 


    Weekly Art Schedule: 

    K: M,Th: 9:40-10:30 

    1M: T,F: 9:40-10:30 

    1S: W: 9:40-10:30 

    2Z: M,Th: 12:55-1:45

    3D: T, F: 12:55-1:45

    4RK: M,Th: 10:40-11:30 

    4M: T,F: 10:40-11:30 

    5W: W: 10:40-11:30 

    6A/6B: M, Th: 8:30-9:20 

    7: T, F: 8:30-9:20 

    8: W: 8:30-9:20 


    Important Links:

    Microsoft Teams: TEAMS - All assignments and resources will be posted in the Related Arts TEAMS page for students on quarentine.  


    Subscribe to my YouTube channel for playlists and fun art activities: Ms. Reed’s YouTube channel

    Check out my Art Blog for periodic updates: Art Blog

    Check out our student art gallery here: NCNAA Art Gallery