Welcome to my online art page! Here you will find information about art activities that you can do from home, an art gallery of student work, and great websites to explore.  Please call or email me with any art questions that you have. I am also available through Class Dojo and Remind. I can't wait to hear from you!  

    • Letter to Parents
      • Welcome to online learning.  During this time it is my hope for your child to spend at least 1 each week making art (2 hours for 8th grade Art students). I know that you will not have most of the art supplies that we use at school, so I am developing creative and fun activities that students can do with materials you may already have at home.  I will post an assignment each week that you can follow on their homeroom teacher's TEAMS page and this website.  This is a suggested activity.  I am happy for your child to explore and create the any type of artwork they wish.  I know many students enjoyed embroidery, sewing and drawing on fabric. I have also included simple instruction for making homemade paint and clay on my Art Blog. I would like to see your child's artwork once a week. Students can post the picture through TEAMS or you may send it to my email at zoe.childress@slps.org or Class Dojo. Thanks! 
      • Please fill out a technology survery here. Type "no email" in the email address column if you do not already have one. 
    • Letter to Students
      • Hello students! I would like for you to spend one hour each week making art (2 hours for 8th grade art students).  I will post assignments on your teachers' TEAMS pages for each week.  You can complete these assignments or make your own art.  I can't wait to see what you can create. You can post the picture on your TEAMS page or have your parent email it to me at zoe.childress@slps.org.  I will share some of your work on my Art Gallery so you can share what you''ve done with your friends at home! 


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    Check out Assignments for weekly suggested activities. 

    Check out my Art Blog for project examples, additional activities, and updates.