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    Name: Zoe Childress
    Check out these great art websites:
    https://www.nga.gov (National Gallery of Art)
    https://www.slam.org (St. Louis Art Museum)

    I began teaching for the ESOL program in SLPS in 2007.  I taught K-10 Art for the Nahed Chapman New American Academy (formerly IWS/NAPA) when the school opened in 2009.  I have seen the school grow from a one hallway program to the full, multi-building school that it is today.  I currently teacher middle school Art, high school Art, and high school ESOL classes.  I love working with outside Arts organizations to bring the Art world to my students while sharing my students’ many talents with the St. Louis community.


    I am a practicing artist outside of school.  I love to draw and paint, and I maintain a small art studio in the basement of my home.  I have a large family, no pets, and I’m currently engaged to be married in the summer of 2017