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    Welcome to P.E.!
    Hi! Welcome to my online P.E page! Here you will find everything that you need for PE. Please contact me with any P.E. or Health related questions that you have. 
    8AM-3PM Monday-Friday

Letter to parents

  • Good morning Parents,

    This week your students will have 2 assignments posted.

    In the Exercise Dice assignment your student will need to post or email 5 videos (one for each day of school).

    In their juggling assignment they will send 1 video for lesson 1. Once I see that they can master it I will have them move on to the next lesson. If they cannot move past a lesson it is OK they just have to show that they are practicing.


    • Materials that you need this week are:
      • 3 plastic grocery bags
      • 2 water, soda or sports drink bottles
      • tape
    • Assignments can be completed on TEAMS or they can be emailed to Joseph.Weis@slps.org
    • Assignments will be due every Friday at 3:00 pm

    I will also be posting some extra activities on the "Extra Activities" tab with lots of different games, activities and exercises to keep your students healthy, active and entertained.

    If you need and help or have any questions please contact me at Joseph.Weis@slps.org

Letter to students

  • Hello students!

    This week you will have 2 assignments

    For your exercise dice assignment you need to send me 5 videos (1 for every day of the school week).

    For your juggling assignment go to the Activity corner and begin at juggling week 1. Do not skip forward. you will send me a video of you practicing lesson 1. If i see that you have mastered lesson 1 i will tell you that you can move on. you do not have to move forward every week, just show that you are practicing at your level. We a learn at different speeds.


    • Do your exercise dice everyday. If you are behind you can do more than one a day to catch up
    • Turn your assignemnts in on TEAMS or email them to Joseph.Weis@slps.org (middle school can also use Flipgrid).
    • Things you need this week
      • 3 plastic grocery bags
      • 2 water, soda or sports drink bottles
      • tape

    I hope you are all safe and healthy, I can't wait to see more of your videos!

    Also check out the new tab on my web page "Extra Activities", it will have lots of games, activities and exercises you can do.

    If you need any help email me at Joseph.Weis@slps.org