• Coach Weis

    Welcome to P.E.!
    Hi! Welcome to my online P.E page! Here you will find everything that you need for PE. Please contact me with any P.E. or Health related questions that you have. 
    8AM-3PM Monday-Friday

Letter to parents

    •  Welcome to online P.E. learning.  During this time, it is expected for your child to spend at least 1 hour each week exercising. I know that it is hard to exercise when we are at home, so i will be focusing our lessons and activities on things that students can do with items from around the house. I will post an assignment each week that you can follow on their homeroom teacher's TEAMS page and this website. For now, students will be turning in their assignments by creating a video of themselves and posting it to their teacher's TEAM page or by emailing it to me at Joseph.Weis@slps.org. You might need to help you child with this especially if they are younger. All submissions will be due Friday at 3:00 pm.
    • Please fill out a technology survey here. Type "no email" in the email address column if you do not already have one.

Letter to students

      • · Hello students! I would like you to spend one hour each week doing our daily exercise dice and practicing our activities. I will post assignments here and on your teachers' TEAMS pages each week. Every week I want you to make a video of yourself doing our activity and answering some questions. You can even ask mom or dad to help you make your video. There might be times where you are having a hard time doing an assignment that is OK. Remember we all have different things we are good at. It is OK if you are not perfect in your video submissions, we are learning. When you are done making your video you will post it to your teacher's TEAMS page, or you can email it to me at Joseph.Weis@slps.org. You can use my email to talk to me about any questions or if you need extra help. I will email you back within 24 hours or 1 day. I hope that you are all being safe and making good decisions at home, I cannot wait to see your responses!