Our Founding Father 

    Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel
    1782 - 1852


    Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782-1852), the German educationalist, was the founder of the Kindergarten system. The son of a Lutheran pastor, Fröbel was a lonely child due to the lack of time his parents could provide for him and as a result, he formed a youthful connection with nature. This connection, along with his strong Christian faith, formed the basis of his educational philosophy. Fröbel believed that people naturally have the ability to be productive and creative, and that the fulfillment of this comes through “developing these in harmony with God and the world.” The “father of kindergarten,” he applied this philosophy to children’s education as he believed that development through free self-expression, creativity, social participation, and motor expressions formed the basis for social stability and guidance from youth into adulthood.