• How to Log into Microsoft Teams


     Microsoft Teams | Student Affairs Information Technology

    • How To Access Teams

      1. Go to Chrome.  Type in portal.office.com in the url
      2. You will get the login page.  Type your username. Your username is your first initial, first seven letters of your last name, your four-digit id number @ slps.org. For example:  jjeep1234@slps.org. click next.
      3. Choose work or school account.
      4. You will get this page Saint Louis Public School sign in.  Your username information will appear automatically.  Type in your login password.  Click sign in.
      5. You will get to your Office 365 landing page.  Click on TEAMS
      6. Go to TEAMS that your teacher has directed you to go to.  You will find your TEAMS on the far-left side.  See arrow.