• Principal Folarin

    Email: Oluyemisi.Folarin@slps.org

    Phone: 314-385-2212

  • Welcome to Herzog Elementary Principal's Corner

    Dear Herzog Elementary Families, 

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! I am privileged to have the opportunity to serve as your Principal. I feel honored to work with our highly qualified and dedicated staff, our wonderful students, and all of the supportive parents.

     I look forward to working with all of you to make this school year successful. Our school staff looks forward to seeing each student come to school daily ready to learn. We will make every effort to help your child achieve academically and socially this year. Our goal is to create an enriched learning environment that engages each student. We also strive to develop compassionate students who, in turn, strive to make every opportunity great. You play a crucial role in the academic success of our students; therefore, school/parent communication is crucial.

    As the leader of Herzog Elementary, I strongly believe that every child can learn and achieve the highest level of academic success with the proper preparation and support. To ensure a successful school year, please:


    • Make your child’s prompt attendance to school a priority – Arrival begins at 7:50 am. Instruction begins promptly at 8:15 am daily.
    • Provide a supportive climate for homework and make sure it is being done at a regular time and in a regular place. Routines are great for young children.
    • Allot time for reading and practicing basic math facts with your child on a nightly basis.
    • Reinforce with your child an attitude of responsibility for learning and to respect themselves, the school, staff, and other students.
    • Return all requested forms and documents to school on time. 

    Our instructional program will be far more effective with your active participation. Please send your children to us well behaved, on time, in uniform, equipped with the proper materials, and ready to learn. We, in-turn will send them home to you prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

    We look forward to a great year!


    Oluyemisi Folarin