• In room 217 we are Roaring  in reading.
    Name: Terry Blocker
    Email terry.blocker@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 215
    Subject(s): Special Education Resource Teacher 
    Building Phone: (314) 385-2522 ext 36215


    My name is Terry Blocker and I am a Special Education/ Resource Teacher at Lexington Elementary.  I have been with St. Louis Public Schools since 2001, first as a Library Assisyant and now as a certified teacher.  I decided to become a teacher because I want to help students to understand the joy and importance of learning.  I became a Special Education teacher because I really appreciated how they were supportive, passionate and an advocate about my son's education, when he was going through school and I wanted to be that for other students.  I hope that I am that kind of teacher for my students because I try to be everyday.

    I am also the mother of four adult children, one son and three daughters.  I have three AWESOME grandsons who are my heart.  In my free time I enjoy reading and shopping.

  • Dear Parents,

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to Special Education/Resource, room 215, with Mrs. Blocker.  I hope to work very closely with you this year to ensure the success of your child.



    Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday evenings and it should be submitted through our Teams page by the due date. At the beginning of each week, please look at the assignments listed for classwork and homework. Finally, every night we ask that your child reads for 20 minutes and practices their basic math facts for 20 minutes.



    We will be covering every subject each day. The students will also meet with the art, music, or gym teacher each day . Log-in to Teams each morning between 8:00-8:10am.



    Attendance will be recorded. In order to be considered present, each student must type their name into the chat box for each subject/channel.

    Expectations for Students

    Attached is a list of specific expectations that your child must abide by in fourth and fifth grade. Please review these expectations with your child and respond in Class Dojo that you have received this letter. Our district discipline policy will ensure that all of our students will have an equal chance to learn in an orderly virtual classroom.
    We are looking forward to a successful school year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. The phone number to the school is (314)385-2522 and our emails can be found below. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                      Terry Blocker





    Lexington School Rules

    We sit in a safe place at home.

    We use appropriate sites.

    We share our screens in a respectable way.

    We speak to each other respectfully.

    We mute our mics when the teacher is instructing.

    We stay on task  and complete our work.

    We finish our synchronous and asynchronous work.

     We turn in the assignments on time in Teams.

    We are in attendance for each session.


    Group Work/Breakout Sessions Expectations

    Listen and follow all directions given (oral and written).

    Respect all members of your group.

    Do your job only!

    Complete task in a timely manner.


    Classroom Expectations

    Be on time

    Presentation and Mute Yourself

    Be Prepared and Headphones


    Be Respectful and Responsible