• Mrs. Cole
    Name: Mrs. Jessica Cole
    Room Number(s): 206
    Subject(s): 4th Grade
    Building Phone: 314.385.2522
    Google Voice Phone: 314.312.2728
    Update:  Here is the district link for the covid-19 information. Please be safe and I hope to see you soon. https://www.slps.org/Page/46209 
    As we're dealing with unprecidented times, one of my top priorites is to keep students safe and moving forward with their academic goals. The district is passing out work packets for students during breakfast and lunch time
    Teacher Message: Welcome back FOURTH graders and family!  Welcome to room 206. I am so excited to see all of those students that I know and meet any newcomers to our building.  This is my fifth year at Lexington but it's my first year in the fourth grade. There's a lot to learn, and I can't wait to get started.
    Fourth grade is your one-year training program for your next job--fifth grade. We will WORK HARD! We will TRY OUR BEST! We will HONOR OURSELVES by SHOWING RESPECT to all we encounter.
    WHEN we do those things, we will be SUCCESSFUL
    We used to share our classroom with our bearded dragon Crosby. Unfortunately, Crosby passed away last year from a brain aneurysm. I have been looking for another bearded dragon to join our class. What I found instead is a chameleon!  His name is Mortimer (Morty) and he is just the cutest!  I am hopeful that after he gets comfortable and we settle in, he will be able to join us in the classroom! A classroom pet is a big RESPONSIBILITY. We must have EXCELLENT behavior for Mortimer to join us in the classroom.
    Our classroom will also be where the Engineering Club practices on Tuesday and Thursday. Ms. Nina Harris and I run the Engineering Club for the school. I am hopeful that many of my students will be able to join us in the program! We work hard, but we have a lot of fun as well. 
    A little more about me, I'm originally from Granite City, IL. I am the youngest of seven children. All of my brothers, sisters and I were born on holidays. My Dad was born on a holiday too.  I have 20 nieces and nephews and even some great nieces & nephews! My husband and I live in Ferguson, Mo. with our dog Spunky, our bearded dragon Little P, and the newest addition to our family, Mortimer. I am an artist, a realtor, and I teach English online to students in China!
      I'm looking forward to working with all of you in the upcoming year! 
     Love, Mrs. Cole