Angelique Brown, Principal

    Mrs. Brown



     Mrs. Angelique Brown, Interim Principal Lexington Elementary School
    We are excited to embark upon a new school year.  Our theme for this school year, Embracing the Pride, holding one's self to high standards.  This includes academics and positive behaviors.  We know that our students will continue to strive for excellence with the support of the community, Parents, Teachers, and staff.  Thanks in advance for all of your support. 
    As a life-time educator, I am glad to establish this new relationship with the family at Lexington Elementary. This journey began in 1999 with St. Louis Public schools.  I started as a substitute teacher at Turner Middle School. Unsure of my calling, I began to research which area I was most interested in the field of education. In my research, I found one class at our local Community College, Pervasive Developmental Delay with Autistic features, the exact diagnosis of my twin son.  I knew at that time that this was my calling, my destiny.
    I received my Bachelor degree from Fontbonne University in the area of Special Education in 2005 and Master of Arts in Special Reading in 2007. In continuing my education, I attended Lindenwood University where I obtained a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership in 2008 and Educational Specialist degree in 2010.  Currently, I am working on my dissertation to complete this educational voyage. I am excited about this work and look forward to growing with this family.
    Lexington Elementary "Embracing the Pride"
    "Going From Good to Great, Next Generation!"