Mr. Melvin Brown



Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Secondary Education- Lindenwood University Bachelor of Communication- Missouri Baptist Univerity Career Certification, State of Missouri, 5-9 SCI

Mr. Melvin Brown

  • About Mr. Brown: 
    This is Mr. Brown's 6th year with the district and 2nd year at Busch Middle School of Character. Mr. Brown is the 8th Grade Science teacher. In 2018, Mr. Brown returned back to SLPS due to his passion of teaching inner city students. When he's not at school, he likes writing, playing in a band, or planning his next trip with his family. 
    Degrees and Certifications:
    • Master of Secondary Education- Lindenwood University
    • Bachelor of Communication- Missouri Baptist Univerity
    • Career Certification, State of Missouri, 5-9 SCI
    2019-2020 Course Description: 
    Course Description: Students will demonstrate proficiency in developing and using models, analyzing and interpreting data, designing solutions and obtaining, evaluating and communicating information in biology, Earth Science, and physic. This class will utilize a variety of methods which include scientific inquiry, class discussion, hands-on learning, individual and group projects, problem solving, virtual labs, and cooperative learning. There will be an emphasis on increasing vocabulary and communication.

    Structure of the Class:
    Each day, the class will generally follow this structure:
    1. Complete the Do Now assignment 

    2. Lesson / Content – this can take several forms including teaching a new concept, reviewing an old one, or discussing the progress on an on-going project or activity. 

    3. Guided / Independent Practice – students will work on their own or in small groups. I will act as a facilitator monitoring the students’ work flow and interactions.

    4. Brief recap and quiz (Due on Fridays)

    Course Objectives:
    Students will be able to:
    • Make qualitative and quantitative observations
    • Discern the characteristics and classifications of living things
    • Compare and contrast the structure and function of plant and animal cells
    • Explain how traits are inherited and how living things change over time
    • Identify the different body systems and explain the processes carried out
    • Describe the interactions of living and nonliving things within an ecosystem

    Assignments: In-class assignments and homework should be completed on time, and to the best of the student’s ability. Assignments will take a variety of forms including reading articles, written reflections, graphic organizers, illustrations, lab reports, making observations and forming conclusions.

    Classroom Routines & Procedures

    1. Logging into the virtual room.

    2. Do Now – The instructions for the day’s Do Now will be posted on the board and projector. Do Now’s are to be done independently. Once finished, we will grade/discuss them together in class, and I will give you your total score once a week.

    3. Attendance – If you miss a class it is imperative that you catch up on class discussions and virtual labs missed.

    What to bring – You are responsible for bringing the following every day:
    1. Smart device (cell phone, computer, tablet)
    2. An hour of your time
    3. Class participation
    4. Positive / constructive comments only

    Turning in work – Assignment are submitted digitally with immediate feedback.