• Greetings and Welcome:

    In 1998 a historical step was taken when Soldan High School combined with the United States Air Force to inaugurate the MO-881st Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (AFROTC).

    This year the AS-II, III, and IV cadet will continue to increase their knowledge of Aerospace Science while at the same time assist the new AS-I cadets in becoming knowledgeable, effective, productive, and proud members of the Soldan High School Corps of Cadets.

    Each of you will learn about aerospace, develop your leadership traits, and become more acquainted with the civil, industrial, and military component of aerospace; thus becoming more responsible United States citizens.

    This Cadet Guide is intended to aid every cadet in attaining and maintaining the high standards that will prepare each of you for a position of leadership by stressing habits of orderliness, self-reliance, and pride in self and unit. These standards apply to both the new cadets as well as the experienced cadet. They are not just for cadet airmen. They are a simple guide for every individual in the Soldan High School cadet corps whether he/she is a cadet officer, a cadet noncommissioned officer, or a cadet airman. They are “OUR STANDARDS.” You live and work up to them – together – for individual cadet success.

    The success of the MO-881st AFJROTC Corps and Soldan High School depends on each of you. Collectively, you will help build a tradition of great worth in the St. Louis area. The curriculum you will take part in during your membership in the cadet corps has been designed specifically to improve your abilities as a leader, manager, and supervisor. It will prepare you for leadership positions of increasing responsibility, helping you become better able to fulfill your assigned Air Force Junior ROTC role. The course also stresses the importance of independent efforts and continual self-improvement.

    In addition to the classroom training, you will have the opportunity to participate in co curricular activities such as the Drill Team, Color guard, fund raising projects, military ball dining-in/out, and field trips. I encourage each of you to take part in as many activities as possible. They are the “fun part” of the program.

    Our commitment to you is to provide you the highest quality support possible in the way of facilities, instructional materials, and personal attention. It is our utmost desire for each of you to realize your full potential and become a successful, responsible citizen.


    Aerospace Science Instructor

    Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Drill Team (AFJROTC)

    For more information e-mail: Deborah.Sims@slps.org

    Air Force Core Values:
    Integrity First
    Service Before Self
    Excellence in All We Do
    Season: 1 September 2012 – 1 May 2013
    Teams: Unarmed Exhibition and Color Guard
    Competition: Gateway Classic, Alton High School, IL (April 2013)