SLPS-TV is the cable television station of the St. Louis Public Schools and part of the Office of Public Information of the St. Louis Public Schools. We broadcast programs that support the mission of the school district: the education of children.
    You can find the St. Louis Public Schools' Television Station at channel 988 on Spectrum/Charter Cable, within the City of St. Louis. SLPS-TV is not available in St. Louis County, Illinois, or on satellite.

    Programs on SLPS-TV include:

    Special announcements and information from the superintendent & the Board of Education

    District news segments on the students, staff, and programs in SLPS schools

    Special events and press conferences

    Student performances

    Annual ceremonies, board recognitions, and high school graduations

    Contact Information
    SLPS-TV Station Manager
    801 North 11th Street
    St. Louis, MO 63101
    Phone: (314) 345-5714
    Station Manager: Tom Booth 
    Email: tom.booth@slps.org