• Metro Academic and Classical High School

    Beginning Guitar

    Marquita Reef, Instructor

     Period 4 & 8


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    Room 241 and Wheeler Auditorium


    I.                  Course Description

    Beginning Guitar is designed to provide students with/without a background in playing the guitar. Students will receive training in technique, intervals, rhythm, fingering, basic harmony, and transposition of simple accompanying techniques for folk songs, performance, and ensemble playing. The course will introduce students to easy guitar literature from all stylistic and its historical perspective and effective practice methods.


    Instruction will be on classical guitars with additional. A variety of musical styles will be explored. All students are expected to be present and perform at all concerts. Failure will result in a failure grade. Student should see the teacher for the instructions on their research paper for a missed performance.


    II.               Objectives

    Each student will:

    • The experience of performing guitar ensembles in a public concert.
    • A working knowledge of ensemble skills: following a conductor, giving and receiving cues, listening and responding musically to the ensemble, and rehearsal techniques.
    • Sight-reading skills to accommodate advanced beginning through intermediate ensemble literature.
    • Increased performance skills: refinement of technique and stage etiquette.
    • A knowledge of advanced beginning through intermediate guitar ensemble literature.
    • The ability to participate in the musical community as an ensemble player.
    • The ability to perform beginning solo and ensemble literature in front of a classroom audience.

    Student objectives

    • Participate in assigned ensembles.
    • Attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances. 
    • Learn your parts prior to rehearsals.
    • Practice sight-reading, technique and assigned pieces at least one hour daily.
    • Define and realize musical terms found in literature studied.
    • Follow instructions carefully and concentrate while rehearsing.
    Concert Performance
    Halloween Concert  Oct. TBA at 7:00 PM
    Winter Concert  Dec. TBA  at 7:00 PM 
    CANCELED Spring Concert  May TBA  at 7:00 PM 
    Music performances is the culmination of the work we have done, and is a high priority in the Band, Piano Guitar Program. Therefore, attendance at concerts/performances is required. All Major events are planned well in advanced, so students/parents should mark their calendars as necessary according to the Concert Calendar. The calendar is posted online on the Metro Teacher Website and spoken in morning announcements at school as well as in class.
    Extenuating circumstances , such as a death in the family or severe illness, are excused absences. The band director music approves of all absence from performances in advance. Conflicts such as sporting events, routine appointments, work, etc. are not considered excusable.