• A Brief History

    Here is a brief history of the school.  If you have other pertinent information which was omitted, please send it to us so we can add it here. 
    The Carr Lane School was named in honor of Dr. William Carr Lane, the first Mayor of the city of St. Louis.  The first of three buildings was opened in 1870.  The current location was opened in 1958 with the first graduating class in 1959. Carr Lane remained an elementary school until 1991.  The newly renovated Carr Lane Visual and Performing Arts Middle School opened in the fall of 1993.  This new school was a result of a merger of Marquette VPA Middle and Humboldt VPA Middle. Carr Lane, during the 2008-2009 school year. celebrated our 50th anniversary at this location.  Visual and Performing Arts at Carr Lane is an institution designed to attract students, from grade 6-8, in an attempt to combine artistic experience with traditional education.

    Principals of Carr Lane School

    Again, if you can help us fill in some of the holes in our history, please contact us.
    Mr. Lucian Garrett--1958-?
    Mr. Hayman--Dates Unknown (late 70s) 
    Mr. Jack Bang--1983-1987
    Mr. Robert Cloyd--1987-1991
    Dr. Alice F. Roach--1992-2004
    Mrs. Melba D. Davis--2004-2009
    Mr. Alphonso Warfield--2009-2010

    Ms. Brenda Smith--Interim Principal--2010-2011

    Mr. Perry Anselman--2011-2013
    Mr. Cornelius Green--2013-2016
    Mr. Barrett Taylor--2016-Dec. 2017
    Mr. Darwin Young--Jan. 2018 - Present