• Carr Lane's Technology Overview

    Carr Lane VPA Middle School, and St. Louis Public Schools in general, uses a great deal of technology in the course of the school day and year. 
    First of all, every teacher in the building has a computer at their desk that they use for checking district email; creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other student materials; and search for new ideas on the internet.  Many teachers also have one or more computers in their classroom which they have set up to allow students to use during the class for research and enrichment.  We have two computer labs--one used for the Computer Science classes and one available for teacher/student use during the day.
    Our Piano classroom has a set of 16 digital keyboards for teaching those students proper technique and general music concepts. 
    We have a fully operational theatre with a complete live sound system with 6 hanging area microphones, 2 wireless handheld microphones, 2 wireless lavalier microphones, 6 wired handheld microphones, a 24 channel/4 sub/6 auxillary Mackie console, complete EQ processing and an assistive listening system.  The theatre also has a full theatrical lighting system with up to 72 dimmers; a semi-programmable Menstrel Plus Lighting Console; 4 Altman followspots; 12 Ellipsoidals Spotlights; and several Fresnel Spotlights, PAR Cans and Scoop lights.
    The physical technology, however, only begins to touch on the technology used in the building.  We also use many software and internet-based technologies.  For instance, the district has a Web-Based Student Information System which allows teachers to take attendance, record grades and log parent contacts through their desktop computer (or any computer with internet access).  This web-based system allows us instant access to scores of reports including student grade, attendance and disciplinary history. At our school we also use a separate web-based gradebook site which allows us to grant parents and students 24-hour access to their grades and assignments.  Finally, the district as a whole uses this very customizable website where teachers can add an edit their sub-section anytime from anywhere.
    Our Computer Science program has additional online websites to assist them in completing and submitting their assignments creating a digital-rich environment while also reducing the need to print out each assignment.

    All-in-all, we are a very technology-rich environment.  If you have any questions about our technology services, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at allen.moore@slps.org. You can also visit my subsite here.
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