• Music
    Name: Marquita Reef
    Room Number(s): 241 and the Wheeler Auditorium
    Subject(s): Music - Concert Band, Beginning Piano and Guitar, Jazz History, Classical Guitar and Music History
    Building Phone: 314-534-3894
    Philosophy of Music Education  


    My philosophy of music education is that it should be fun, exciting, and approached with an academic mindset that combines excellence in performance with clear expectations for learning outcomes.  In other words, I believe a meaningful course of music study must integrate performance with a diverse curriculum that includes history, theory, literature, performance and cultural outings.  I accomplish this goal by employing creative lesson plans, activities, and assignments that are backed up by structured and meaningful forms of assessment. 

    The end result of such an education will leave students with a greater awareness of cultural, historical, and emotional contexts. In addition, it will have prepared them to be knowledgeable consumers and supporters of the fine arts. Furthermore, participating in a comprehensive music education helps prepare students to be confident and self-disciplined decision-makers as adults by instilling traits such as teamwork, creativity, discipline and an awareness of personal responsibility.


    A society is simultaneously reflected in and shaped by its use and appreciation of the fine arts.  We must strive to educate future generations in these areas so that they can, in turn, effectively shape and reflect their own contributions to society. 


    Personal Mission Statement


    I firmly believe that all children deserve and will benefit from a comprehensive music education.  I am therefore committed to leading my students through a course of study that connects musical performance with history, cultural outings, and theory by way of participation and guided exploration.

    "Where words fail, music speaks."