Character Education Vision

  • At Woerner Elementary, we have a vision of a school that fosters strong, independent, responsible, and happy young people. We expect that after some time in our community, our students will know that character comes from within and is a result of the choices they make. We hope to see students who are motivated to achieve their highest potential and willing to do the work necessary to make their dreams happen. We want to use character education in our community to create a greater sense of responsibility, confidence, and self-control in the child. It is our strongest desire that by incorporating character education, we will create a chool that is effective in teaching all parts of the child (emotional, mental, social, and physical) and therefore does the best job possible of preparing the child for his or her future. While the children are our primary concern and focus, it is our belief that character education in our school will translate into staff and parents who have stronger character as well. We expect to see the adults in our building experience the same growth as in our children, which will make us better role models as well as happier people.