• Below are our students who have participated in the monthly, on-air ceremonies at KMOV Channel 4 in the year 2014. These are just a special few of our students who are nominated for the award.
    October 2014
    Jonathan Caldwell
    Woerner Elementary School
    St. Louis Public School District

    Jonathan was at school when he was out by the school gate. While he was there he spotted something on the ground, a jackpot! Jonathan found a $100 bill outside! He could have kept it, and no one would have known. But Jonathan did the right thing and turned it right in to school. So today we honor Jonathan Caldwell for doing the right thing!

    Thanks to his honesty and integrity, Jonathan made a difference at his school. Mrs. Freddie Johnson who nominated him stated, "I am very impressed with Jonathan's honesty and integrity. He could have kept his find a secret and no one would have known." What a great citizen you are, Jonathan! We are so proud of you!

    January 2014
    Brayden Wear
    Woerner Elementary School
    St. Louis Public School

    Brayden has awesome friendship skills! He decided to use those skills to assist a classmate who was having a hard time staying on task and controlling his outbursts. Brayden is now his friend; and he is a good friend. He uses a calm voice after an outburst, telling his classmate, "Please don't throw your chair and pencil box around the room." which helps calm his friend and stops the inappropriate behavior. Brayden thanks his buddy for doing the right thing. By using his words and actions, he has shown him what a good friend will do to help a friend in need!

    So today we honor Brayden Wear for doing the right thing. Thanks to his kindness and friendship, a fellow student is learning what a true friend is. Sherron Walker who nominated Brayden stated, "Brayden has been a positive influence on his classmate, and given him a sense of inclusion and acceptance, which has helped decrease the episodes of angry outbursts and aggression, and has made his classmate a happier person!" We are proud of you, Brayden! Great job on being a great friend!