• 1.  Extra Points

    2.  Public praise and/or recognition

    3.  Positive email or phone call to parents.

    4.  Good job coupons 

    5.  Treats

    6.  Choice time/activity

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  • 1.  Verbal Warning

    2.  Student Conference

    3.  Loss of Choice Activity

    4.  Parent Conversation

    5.  Dean of Student Notified

    6.  Written Referral

    7.  Assistant Principal Notified

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  • 1.  Come to the Reading Lab on time.

    2.  Be sure you have your laptop, charger and other learning tools needed to be successful upon entry into the lab.

    3.  Participate and complete all tasks assigned.

    4.  Read daily to learn and for enjoyment.

    5.  Respect others, property and yourself.

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  • Be on time.

    Be Prepared.

    Follow directions

    You should not talk when the teacher is speaking.

    Raise your hand to speak.

    Do your best daily.  

    Have fun learning.

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