Course Information and Expectations

  • Soldan International Studies High School       Career Technical Education/Business Studies


    SEMESTER: 2023-2024                INSTRUCTOR: Ms. DeGreeff


    The mission of the Career and Technical Education Division is to provide quality educational services for preschool to grade 12 students and adults through academic, personal, career and technical opportunities that enhance the workforce and economic development potential of the St. Louis Region.  

    In these courses, students will be introduced to numerous business and management strategies in the areas of management, marketing, human resources, and finances.   

    Digital media is about communicating electronically, but it also includes an element of creativity. The digital media alliance of Florida (dmaf) perhaps says it best when it defines digital media as “the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education.” This text will help you learn how to use digital media tools to communicate creatively. Students should be prepared for an interactive class that will include hands-on activities and group discussions. students are expected to come to class with a willingness to learn. Regular attendance in class is vital and mandatory to ensure a quality educational experience.

    ** Attendance and effort will lead to success in this class! **

     All grades are posted in the Saint Louis Public School SIS System.

     Grading Breakdown

    40% on Formative (Exit Tickets/Classwork)

    30% on Test/Quiz/Mid-Term/Final

    30% Job Skills

     Grading Scale

    A = 100 – 93%    B+ = 89 – 88%        C+= 79 – 78%     D+= 69 – 68%         F = 59 – and below

    A- = 90 – 92%     B=    87 – 83%        C=   77 – 73%     D=   67 – 63%

                             B-=   82 – 80%        C-=  72 – 70%         D-=  62 – 60%


    1. a) Basic: Denotes partial mastery of knowledge and skills associated with the standard.

    2. b) Proficient: Represents solid performance for each standard assessed. Students reaching this level have demonstrated competency of problems and apply problem-solving strategies to real- world situations.

    3. c) Advanced: Denotes excellence in performance of each standard being assessed. At this level, a student can demonstrate a strong understanding and application of real-world situations. In addition, students can evaluate and create new learning.


    All Business classes use a book called Cengage. To access their book, the student will need to sign onto and sign in with their username and password that was assigned by the instructor.


    Student materials and assignments will be in Microsoft teams.  Please access your classes in Teams.

    Business Multimedia 

    Advanced Business Management Interns 6-8

    ****** I ask that all student save the link to their Cengage Book along with their username and password on their computer, tablet, cell phone or etc., to ensure they can read and complete the daily assignments******


    All exits tickets and course work are posted on the class Microsoft Teams Page and I have also attachment a document that list all chapter assignments by the order of completion (chapter name, date assigned for completion and subject matter to be completed by the end of class).

     Grading Breakdown

    Exit Tickets/Classwork                                        40%

    Summative (Test/Quiz/Mid-Term/Final)               30%  

    Participation                                                         30%          


    The instructor, school, students and parents can review the student grades within the Cengage Book. The Cengage Book also provides analytics such as the student engagement level within the book (test scores, total time spent within the course book, number of times the students has a login into the book, the last date the student logged in, activities accessed)



    1. Beginning of Class: Be punctual!  Have your materials ready (book, laptop, pencil/pen and writing material available).

    2. During Class:  Stay engaged and work on activities and assignments. Use your time wisely.

    3. Leaving Class: If you need to leave class, ask the teacher.

    4. End of Class: Clean up your materials, throw away garbage and put desk, chair and computer items back in their rightful area.


    1.  Follow Teams for Do Nows, Lessons, Assignments

    2.  Follow ALL school policies and expectations, please read the Saint Louis Public School Handbook.

          Specifically: no cell phones

    3.  Students are expected to be respectful of all class members (including students, teachers, other staff, administrators, and guests) and of all school property (including desks, chairs, walls, books, flooring, and any equipment or electronics).

    4.  Students are expected to complete all work and take all tests on designated dates.

    For excused absences: It is the student’s responsibility to get their make-up work and schedule make-up tests outside of class time (before/after school, advisory). Missed work must be made up within a week after returning to school for full credit. Any work due on the missed day(s) must be turned in the day you return to school.

    Make-Up Policy

    Some assignments, quizzes and tests may be resubmitted to demonstrate proficiency.  If a student completes assignment/exit ticket/quiz/test/mid-term/or final late, they are required to contact Ms. DeGreeff by email advising her of what assignment was done. If the student does not advise Ms. DeGreeff of the make-up work, the student can miss credit for the assignment since the Cengage Book we use for class does not alert the instructor of late assignments completed.


    Students can retake any test regardless of their grade once the grade has been provided.  Students have two weeks from the original test date to retest their test. 

    Late Work Policy

    Partial credit of 50% will be given for assignments turned in after two weeks of the due date; but the teacher will use a sliding curve on all late assignments between the due date and two-week period. All exit tickets are due prior to class ending.

    Cell Phone Usage/Devices

    Please turn in your cell phones upon arrival at school, failure to do so will involve administration and parents.  


    I am always available to help students with questions on their work before, during (student personal time in class) and sometimes after school.  Parents/guardians may contact me with questions and to get updates on their Student’s academic progress. You can contact me in several ways:

     Phone Number: 314-367-9222 ext. 44235

     Email Address:

     Office Hours: 

     Student Contract for Business Studies

     I have read and explained in detail the guidelines and expectations set forth for Introduction to Business. I understand that successful completion of this course will be based largely upon my following these guidelines and expectations. As it is my intention to successfully complete this course with a passing grade and credit granted, I agree to follow all of the guidelines given.



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