concert band syl

    Metro Academic and Classical High School

    Concert Band    2022-2023

    Marquita M. Reef, Music Director

    1st Period MW(F) 7:10-8:41 AM         Wheeler Auditorium



    I.               Course Description


    Concert Band is primarily a performance-based group that offers many opportunities for students to study and perform in different musical settings such as small chamber ensembles and concert band settings.  Students also study and perform a variety of music repertoire including orchestral/classical transcriptions, marches, traditional concert, music theater, pops, jazz, contemporary and multicultural repertoire.  Students study in depth selected compositions to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the repertoire and its composers from a historical point of view.  Students will gain basic reading skills through music theory assignments and assessments.


    Concert Band involves performances in the community in addition to the school setting.  There will be guest clinicians and artists assisting the ensemble as well as tours/trips that will require a few fund raising projects to raise money to support these events.  Fundraising projects help to enrich the overall music education experience.


    II.            Objectives


    Each student will:

      1. Be literate in reading music by studying basic music theory such as notation, meter, rhythm, key signatures, scales, chords, etc.
      2. Demonstrate a strong foundation on one’s instrument such as good tone quality, proper fingerings, basic technical facility, and be able to perform at that level
      3. Demonstrate musical facility by using expression and a variation of musical styles and dynamics
      4. Develop a sense of ensemble sonority through individualized characteristic instrument sound as well as its place and desired balance in the ensemble
      5. Learn to work with others and be able to share common goals and work to strive for them
      6. Understand the responsibilities that are involved in being a musician and adhering to them including performance decorum
      7. Gain a larger respect for music, musicians/composers, and the music industry in general
      8. Work with the Missouri State Fine Arts Standards as well as other content and performance based standards and work to achieve those goals.


    III.          Topics


    Fall Semester

    • Instrument care and maintenance
    • Practice habits
    • Tone production (embouchure, air support, posture, stick control)
    • Articulation (slurs, tonguing, legato, marcato, staccato, accents, etc.)
    • Musical terminology (dynamics, tempo markings, stylistic markings (English/Italian/German)
    • Note/rest values and durations
    • Transposition (from concert pitch)
    • Major scales, arpeggios, and chords
    • Minor scales (natural)
    • Chromatic scale (one octave)
    • Tuning/intonation
    • Timbre (sound color)
    • Meters (simple, compound)
    • Dynamics
    • Phrasing

    Spring Semester

    • Instrument care and maintenance
    • Practice habits
    • Tone production (embouchure, air support, posture, stick control)
    • Articulation (slurs, tonguing, legato, marcato, staccato, accents, etc.)
    • Musical terminology (dynamics, tempo markings, stylistic markings (English/Italian/German)
    • Note/rest values and durations
    • Transposition (from concert pitch)
    • Chromatic scale (at least two octaves)
    • Minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic)
    • Major scales (following the circle of fifths), arpeggios, and chords
    • Tuning/intonation
    • Timbre (sound color)
    • Meters (simple, compound)
    • Phrasing
    • Performance decorum and Adjudication Expectations
    • Dynamics


    Many topics are emphasized throughout the year, as they require constant attention and daily persistence.  Concepts introduced early in the year will gradually gain difficulty as the ensemble progresses.



    IV.          Assessment


    Grades are based on a point system.  Skills are assessed through the following:

    • Homework Assignments:  Points will vary (average 10-100 points each)
    • Quizzes (theory, musical terms, performance):  Points will vary (average 25-75 points each)
    • Written and Performance Tests (theory, musical terms, performance):  100 points each
    • Performances (school/community concerts and adjudicated festivals):  200 points each
    • Equipment:  20 points each day assigned—students are expected to move, set-up, and teardown equipment for rehearsals during their assigned weeks.  You will receive 20 points (10 before rehearsal and 10 after rehearsal) for completing this task during your assigned weeks.
    • Daily Participation/Preparedness (instrument and supplies, music, pencil) 200 points total per semester (points will be deducted per violation)       

                            Unprepared (no instrument/pencil/music)   -10 points each time

                            Lack of Participation -10 points each time (action will be documented)

                            Cut (absence without verification)  -20 points each time


    Tardiness:  Every fifth tardy will result in the lowering of your grade by one letter.  A tardy is defined as not being prepared for rehearsal (in chair with music, ready to play) when the director gives the downbeat for the first warm-up (7:15 AM).  If you are more than 20 minutes late, it will be marked as a cut and you will lose 20 participation points.


    Cut:  A cut is defined as an absence without parental verification or being more than 20 minutes tardy.  Every third cut will lower your grade one letter.  Each cut will result in a loss of 20 points from your daily participation points.  You are not allowed to make-up missed work on days that are marked as a cut.


    V.             Resources


    Exercises for Ensemble Drill, Raymond C. Fussell

    Ten Chorales for Beginning and Intermediate Band, Quincy C. Hilliard

    Symphonic Band Warm-ups by Claude Smith

    Mastery Theory, C. Peters and P. Yoder

    Selected music literature


    VI.          Classroom Procedures


      1. Attendance:  Satisfactory attendance must be consistent in order for a student to become successful in this course.  Please note the following:
        1. Students are expected to attend all classes regularly and punctually.  Students need to be in their seats with instruments and music ready to play at the start of the class period.  Excessive absences or tardies will not be tolerated except for clearly documented illnesses, educational experiences, or traumatic events (verified by administration).
        2. Students are allowed 3 absences per semester for a MWF schedule.  These absences are without penalty.  Class work is expected to be made up; it is the responsibility of the student to get missed work.  Students who have excessive absences and/or tardies may risk having their grade lowered.
        3. Performance Attendance:  all students are expected to participate in all required performances for the Concert Band (including solo & ensemble contests).  Performances are scheduled well in advance and do not conflict with any other school activity.  Students will be excused with written permission from a parent/guardian stating an unavoidable situation as a reason the student is unable to attend the performance (i.e. funeral, severe illness).  This will be verified by a phone call from the director to the parent/guardian.  Any students with excused absences from performances will be able to make up points missed from the performances through extra assignments from the director.  Students will not be excused from performances due to work or sporting events.  Unexcused concert absences will result in a loss of all concert points (200 points).


      1. Conduct:  A cooperative, respectful atmosphere should prevail.  Rehearsals and performances will be planned, organized and conducted with each student’s growth and well being as the primary goals.
      2. Cheating Policy:  Any student found cheating, suspected of cheating or collaborating with a cheater on any test, quiz, essay, etc. will be given a zero (F) for that assignment, and be sent to the principal.  The assignment will not be made up and a zero will be computed in the grade for the class.  A notation of the incident will be placed in the student’s permanent record.  Please note that it is Metro’s policy that you cannot receive an administrative recommendation if this occurs.
      3. Assignments:  Due dates for assignments will be clearly announced.  Students are allowed at least one class period on all homework assignments.  Points will be deducted if homework is turned in late or not completed.
      4. Performance and Written Tests:  These will be clearly announced.  Every student is expected to take each test at the scheduled time.  Make-up tests are very difficult to give due to the nature of the tests and scheduling problems.
      5. Extra credit:  Extra credit can be earned through optional sectionals offered outside of class time.  Students may also receive extra credit through writing concert summaries/reviews.  Students may do up to 2 concert summaries per semester, and they are worth up to 10 points each.


    The instructor will keep a running total of students points/grades and will have those available for students before and after class upon request.  Students should keep track of all of their points so they can easily figure out their grades at any time.



    Required Materials


    1. Each student should have an instrument to participate.  The school provides instruments to students who do not own one. A ½ inch –1 inch binder for music with plastic protector sleeves.
    2. Each student should have the proper accessories for their instrument:
      1. Flute:  cleaning rod, white handkerchief, and polishing cloth
      2. Clarinet, Oboe, and Bassoon:  reeds, cork grease, and cleaning swab
      3. Saxophone:  reeds, neck strap, cork grease, cleaning swab or pad saver, polishing cloth
      4. Trumpets, French Horns, Baritones, Tubas:  valve oil, polishing cloth, tuning slide grease
      5. Trombones:  slide oil, tuning slide grease, polishing cloth, water spray bottle
      6. Percussion:  pair of drum sticks (Vic Firth SD1 preferred)


    All students should have pencils, instrument, required books and music at every rehearsal


    Music Activities and Concert Dates 2022-2023


     Oct. TBA  (Thurs) Halloween Concert  7:00-8:30 P.M


    Oct./Nov. TBA    Metro District #8  Band Auditions 5:00 PM @ SLU High School


    Dec. TBA   (Sat) Missouri All State Auditions (Hickman HS/Memorial Union in Columbia MO.)


    Dec. TBA   2022  (Thurs)  Winter Concert  7:00-8:30 P.M.


    Jan. TBA 2023  Music Educators National Conference  M.E.N.C. (students who make state)


    Feb.  TBA 2023    E. Desmond Lee Fine Arts Collaborative @ Touhill Center (UMSL)       (Band/Choir/Orchestra)


    Feb. TBA   2018 Midwest Honors Band and Symposium in Kansas City, MO (UMKC Campus)


    March TBA   Solo and Ensemble Contest at Parkway


    April  TBA  MSHSAA Solo and Ensemble (Memorial Union in Columbia MO)


    May TBA   (Thurs)  Spring Concert 7:00-8:30 P.M.