• Metro Academic and Classical High School

    Beginning Piano

    Marquita Reef, Instructor

      Period  5 & 8    TTh(F)


    Room 241 and Wheeler Auditorium


    I.                   Course Description

    Beginning Piano is designed to provide students with a background in playing the piano. Students will receive training in technique, intervals, rhythm, fingering, basic harmony, and transposition of simple accompanying techniques for folk songs, performance, and ensemble playing. The course will introduce students to easy piano literature from all stylistic eras in its historical perspective and effective practice methods.


    Instruction will be on modern electronic pianos/computers with additional use of acoustical pianos available. A variety of musical styles will be explored.


    II.                Objectives

    Each student will:

    a.       Demonstrate the use of proper fingering, hand positions and control on the keyboard through playing major and minor scales and primary triads appropriate to scales chosen.

    b.      Sight read and play piano literature, solo or in ensembles

    c.       Demonstrate an understanding of basic music symbols and terminology, basic rhythm patterns, notation and basic chords.

    d.      Perform in a school concert a recital solo piece or personal composition.

    e.       Demonstrate understanding of the development of the piano, the major computers for the piano. Baroque through Modern, and the piano as an orchestral and accompaniment instrument.


    III.             Assessment

    Grades are based on a point system. Skills are assessed through the following:

    • Homework Assignments: Points will vary (average 10-100 points each)
    • Quizzes (theory, musical terms, performance): Points will vary (average 25-75 points each)
    • Written and Performance Test (theory, musical terms performance): 100 points each
    • Performances and compositions (school/community concerts): 200 points
    • Daily Participation/Preparedness (instrument, music, pencil) 2000 points total per semester (points will be deducted per violation)
      • Unprepared (no instrument/pencil/music)  -10 points each time
      • Lack of Participation  -10 points each time (action will be documented)
      • Cut (absence without verification)  -20 points each time


    Tardiness: Every fifth tardy will result in the lowering of your grade by one letter. A tardy is defined as not being prepared for class (in chair with your instrument/music, ready to play). If you are more than 30 minutes late, it will be marked as a cut and you will lose 20 participation points.


    Cut: A cut is defined as an absence without parental verification or being more then 30 minutes tardy. Every third cut will lower your grade one letter. Each cut will result in a loss of 20 points from your daily participation points. You are not allowed to make-up missed work on days that are marked as a cut.


    IV.             Resources

    The Older Beginner Piano Course: Level I, by James Bastien

    Mastery Theory, C. Peters and P. Yoder

    Selected piano literature




    Upcoming Concerts and Events

    Halloween Concert - October TBA Thursday 7:00 pm

    Winter Concert  - December TBA  2023  Thursday 7:00 pm

    Spring Concert - May TBA Thursday 7:00 PM

    Musical performances are the culmination of the work we have done, and is a high priority in the Band, Piano, Guitar Program. Therefore, attendance at concerts/performances is required. All major events are planned well in advanced, so students/parents should mark their calendars as necessary according to the Concert Calendar. The calendar is posted online on the Metro Teacher Website and spoken in morning announcements at school as well as in class.

    Extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the family or severe illness, are excused absences. The band director must approve of all absences from performance in advance. Conflicts such wprk events, routine appointments, work, etc. are not considered excusable.