•  What to Expect

    A day at Soldan International Studies High School is like spending a day at the United Nations. Two students over there chat in Afghani. A couple of teachers chat in Hindi. Students in the corner are joking in Spanish. One teacher remarks that there are eleven foreign languages in her first period.
    None of this is unusual at Soldan International Studies High School. Our academy is devoted to the simple proposition that the world is a small place. The student’s day is structured around the study of foreign languages. And, just as importantly, the student will socialize with others worldwide.
    Soldan International Studies High School has a long history of contributions to the local community, the state and the world. Today it continues that heritage by bringing the world to St. Louis, Missouri.
    Eligibility Criteria (based on current school year)
    1. Grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or above 
    2. Hourly Attendance rate of 90% or higher
    3. No Type 1 infractions and no more than four (4) out-of-school suspension (OSS) days
    4. Transfer students: credits on track for graduation with cohort
    To schedule a visit or to request more information about Soldan International Studies High School, please call the main office at 314-367-9222.