Name: Mr. Rick Kron
    Room Number(s): 116
    Subject(s): Dean of Students, MC, Senior Sponsor
    Building Phone: 314-367-9222x204
    Administrator Message:
     Welcome to another school year!  I am looking forward to another successful, productive, academically and socially fulfilling year.  With my approach, students will learn how to be comfortable, confident, and proud of their learning and achievement.  There are basically three ways in which this will be achieved: 
    -  Be on Time-  School, Class, Practice
    -  Be Respectful-  Respect the Staff and your Fellow Classmates
    -  Be Prepared-  Apply Yourself Daily and be Accountable for Results

     The Earth began as molten ball of rock
     and had an extremely hostile atmosphere.  Through time and change, it has become a diverse yet simple combination of systems that has created the World as we know it.  Though it is not millions of years and only a short four, the "change" that students can make for themselves will lead to a lifetime of personal satisfaction. 
    Biography: Born and raised in St. Louis.  Attended DeSmet Jesuit High School.  Went on to college and majored in Physical Education and Health.  Graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a BS-Education.  In the following  years, I became certified in Physical and Earth Sciences.  Attended Webster University and received my M.A.T.-Science.
    5x Guinness World Record Holder- Longest Marathon Baseball Game.
    Been at Soldan International Studies High School since 1993.