Welcome to Gifted Enrichment~Jana Flynn

  • Gifted Education Goals

    Through enrichment, students receiving gifted services will:

    • Develop and practice higher order and critical thinking skills
    • Develop and practice creative thinking and problem solving skills
    • Develop advanced research and study skills
    • Develop and practice skills in the utilization of advanced technology
    • Strengthen communication skills (verbal, nonverbal, and written) using various forms of media
    • Develop leadership and social skills
    • Encourage students to develop “can- do” attitudes, positive self-concept, and respect for others



    Our curriculum consists of thematic, multidisciplinary units that encourage exploration and investigation, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. We recognize gifted students should have the opportunity to regularly interact with their intellectual peers without isolating them from a traditional school environment.

    Gifted Learner Model-Real World

  • Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein


     Engineering Design Process