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Ms. Astra Hardaway





Phone: 314-652-9282


Teacher note:

Hello, my name is Astra Hardaway and I am a sixth grade math teacher at Compton Drew ILC  Middle School.  My classroom is located in room 302.  My aim is to create an environment in which your child will feel accomplished and confident in their learning capabilities. The parent- teacher relationship is vital to your child’s success in school.  By working together we can help your child have a very fulfilling learning experience.


I am a graduate of Harris-Stowe State College.  I have been working in the St. Louis Public Schools over 25 years as  a regular classroom teacher.   It has been a delight watching and inspiring the many students that have come through the doors throughout my career.

 Developmental Math

 Course Description:

The student will study fundamental operations and properties of whole numbers,  integers, rational numbers, and real numbers, including fractions, decimals, ratios, percent, proportions, and exponents. Students will understand how mathematics is used in everyday life and they will be able to apply the problem solving strategies covered daily in class to work through real world problems. 

Course Objectives:

To instill within students a comprehensive understanding of number sense and numeration, graphing,  and computation so they’ll be equipped to solve real world problems, and have the foundation needed to successfully perform pre-algebra mathematics.  

Through appropriate assessments students will demonstrate that they are able to:

• Remember the necessary steps and procedures for computing arithmetic operations with numbers.

• Understand what each computation means on a conceptual level.

• Apply their understanding of the concepts and use appropriate computations to solve application problems.

Methods of Instructions:

Direct instruction, research, experiments, lecture, cooperative learning, guided practice, guided math, collaborative learning, pair work, question generation, error corrections, instructional videos, instructional games, manipulative demonstration, and online practice.


Learning Resources:


Khan Academy

Course Requirements:

* Students are expected to attend class daily and participate.

* Students are expected to come to class prepared each day.

* Student supplies for class are a spiral notebook, a 3-hole folder for returned work, a steady supply of sharpened pencils, loose leaf paper, and the school planner for listing homework. 

* Students are expected to have a charged ipad daily.

Grading Criteria: 

Grades will be based on the combination of class work (20%), class participation (15%), homework (20%), tests/quizzes (30%), and projects (15%).

A   90% - 100%

B   80% - 89%

C   70% - 79%

D   60% - 69%

F     0% - 59%

Make Up Work Policy:

Students who have excused or verified absences will be allowed to make up any work assigned during their absence. For each day of excused absence a student will be given one (1) full school day to make up the work he/she has missed.

Homework Policy:

Students should expect to complete homework daily. 


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