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    Email: barbara.doerfler@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 310
    Subject(s): English for Speakers of Other Languages
    Building Phone: (314) 652-9282
    Teacher Message:     Hello Parents and Students! 

                                    I am Barbara Doerfler, the ESOL teacher here at Compton-Drew ILC.  ESOL is                                  English for Speakers of Other Languages, and my focus is to help make                                            language comprehensible and content accessible for students.

    While students are learning at home, we want families to be aware of resources they can access, such as meals, academic materials, and additional supports.  Please see the information in these websites:

               Free meals for students:  www.slps.org/meals
               Academic materials: www.slps.org/keeponlearning
               Additional resources:  www.slps.org/resources

               Social & emotional support: studentservices@slps.org

    Here are some websites students can visit to practice their skills and stay sharp!

               brainpop.com  (log-in with username: Doerfler / password: brainpop1)