Course Title: Integrated Science - 6th Grade

    Margaret Presley (Room 308)

    Appointments: Tuesdays

    10:35AM - 11:15AM






    6th Grade Science

    Course Description: Students will be using HMH SCIENCE DIMENSIONS which is a research based science program that provides engaging and rigorous science instruction based on the Next Generation Science Standards.  This program will increase the students' depth of knowledge by building conceptual understanding coupled with the procedures, skills, and fluency needed to become lifelong problem solvers.  Our students will be given the opportunity to develop the 21st century skills needed to make sense of and apply science through engaging and interactive lessons.  This science program was adopted by SLPS last year. In 6th grade we willl study Ecology, Motion, and Weather. Embedded in the curriculum are the foundational cores of the NGSS:  Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering Practices, and Cross Cutting Concepts.


    Text(s) During the 2020-2021 school year we will be using the following educational materials:





    Students may also investigate Earth Science.  The following resources are intended to provide information on the rock cycle, types of rocks, earthquakes, Pangaea, continental drift, plate tectonics, and Earth features such as the Andes mountains and the Grand Canyon.  Type in the URL to view any of these.











    Methods of Instruction: A variety of methods will be incorporated into the instruction.  We will use scientific inquiry, class discussion, hands-on learning, note taking, and cooperative learning.  Emphasis will be placed on vocabulary expansion, questioning, and developing innovative ideas.


    Course Objectives: Objectives for all instruction will be in line with SLPS pacing guides, NGSS standards, state objectives, and will include the newest in scientific literacy practices.


    Assignments:  Assignments will be placed on the board and covered in Smart Board presentations.  The requirements will be stated in student friendly language.  Questions that arise will be answered by the teacher.  Like scientists in the field, students will record observations, notes, data, and experimental designs in a science notebook.  They will have a textbook which also allows them to resppond to the information covered in the book.  We will also use graphic illustrations in our effort to better understand and visualize scientific concepts.  Students will be given a rubric to help them as they create their illustrations.


    Late Assignments Policy

    Exams/Tests/ Quizzes: Tests and quizzes should be made up as soon as the student who has been absent has had sufficient time to catch up on work missed.  They should definitely be made up prior to grade reports coming out.


    Grading Criteria:  Grades will follow the outline in the Student/Parent Handbook.

                A 90 -100%                B 80 – 89%                C 70 -79%                  D  60 – 69%      F 0 -59%


    Course Requirements: It is the goal at Compton-Drew that all students achieve an 80% or better in each of their classes.  In order to accomplish this, students should come prepared and ready to learn, be responsible for all their work, and behave respectfully.


    Attendance Policy:  Students are expected to attend school every day.  During the “Do Now” which is done at the start of each class, attendance will be taken.  Anyone arriving late to school must sign in at the office.  They must be in their assigned seat or they will be marked tardy.  Students who are late may make up the ‘Do Now’ for homework that day.


    Homework Policy: Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  All homework for the week will be collected on Friday.  Homework must be turned in on the Friday of the week in which it was assigned.  If an excused absence has occurred, students can turn in that assignment after returning to school.  There will usually be no homework on Friday except in the situation where a special project has been assigned.


    Make Up Work Policy: Classwork must be submitted within one week of the original due date in order to avoid having points deducted.  Work that is turned in more than one week late will de ‘docked’ 10 points for each week late.  Work not turned in within 3 weeks of the original due date will not be accepted and the grade will be zero.



    Written Assignments and Academic Misconduct: All written work submitted must be the student’s original work and conform to the guidelines provided by the teacher. This means that any substantive ideas, phrases, sentences, and/or any published ideas must be properly referenced to avoid even the appearance of plagiarism. It is the student’s responsibility to know all relevant school policies concerning plagiarism. Any documented cases of plagiarism can and will result in a failing grade.