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    Welcome to P.E.!

    The objective of the physical education program is to develop active minds and bodies by promoting physical activities, skills, attitudes and knowledge that will allow students to live healthy and productive lives. The classes here at Ames VPA are structured to make students push their physical limits to the max.  We want them to be challenged both mentally and physically. Please encourage your child to work hard in Physical Education just as they would in any other class because it will only benefit them in the future.  Physical Education is a class, not extended recess. 

    It is a joy to serve our students every day!

    Ms. Mitchum

    Welcome to PE Video

    Email: donneice.mitchum@slps.org

    Virtual Office Hours: 9:30am-10am 

    Virtual Instructional Times

    5th grade 8:30-9:20

    1st-2nd grade 10:05-10:55

    4th grade 10:55-11:45

    PreK-Kdg 11:45-12:35

    3rd grade 2:15-3:05

    Planning Period 12:35-1:25




    During this time of remote learning, I will post updates, activities, and assignments on my district web page. You may contact me via district email or microsoft teams if you have any questions or concerns.