• Mrs. Timmons





    9:15– Morning Meeting

    9:30– Handwashing/Bathroom


    9:40– Reading

    10:20– PE, Library or Art

    11:10-Lunch (virtual students

    should charge their ipad)

    12:00 Writing

    12:30– Guided Reading

    1:30– Words Their Way


    2:30– Science video


    Welcome to Oak Hill!

    I am so pleased that your child will be part of our class this year. Having your child in our classroom, physically or virtually, is a joy to us.

    Please note: Students must be logged in and ready to learn by 9:12AM.

    Ready means:

    · Logged in

    · Listening ears and looking eyes ready

    · Learning folder with them

    · Learning bag with all supplies

    Below are some answers to questions that parents have often asked us: How will you communicate with me?

    We will communicate as a whole group for our class and school via ClassDojo. This is where you will find information about all upcoming events, pictures, etc. This is a free app. Information for connecting to your child’s class will be sent to you via the cell phone and/or email address that you provide upon registration. If at any time your cell phone number should change, please notify your child’s teacher immediately so that we can update it.

    Student assignments, grades and feedback will be communicated via another app called Teams. Teams is the app students will need to log into each day for attendance and to participate in the virtual class each day. Your child will be assigned to various Teams besides their main

    classroom. Information on how to use Teams can be found on https://www.slps.org/oakhill.


    What supplies do I need for home?

    We are providing your child with a learning packet that your child will need to have with him/her each day. Additionally, your child will need all learning supplies and manipulatives provided in the bag. You may want to consider buying extra supplies such as:

    · Crayons

    · Pencils

    · Notebook

    · Glues sticks

    · Folder for organizing or saving work

    · Other supplies needed for home are crayons, scissors, glue and pencils to complete homework. Keep those supplies at home.

    What are the classroom rules?

    In our classroom, there are six simple rules. Please go over the rules frequently at home.

    Our Class Rules

    1. Be on time.

    2. Actively participate.

    3. Listen when someone is talking.

    4. Follow directions quickly and quietly.

    5. Keep your camera on.

    6. Do not use the chat feature at any time to privately communicate with other students.


    When my child is sick, whom should I call? It is very helpful to leave a message with Mrs. Bennett, the secretary at 314-481-0420.


    Additional Information

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    · Follow us on social media:

    o Facebook: stlpublicschools

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    · If you are experiencing technical difficulty with your device, please contact oakhillparenthelp@slps.org or call the Help Desk at 315-345-5757.




    Mrs. Butler, 108 Danielle.Butler@slps.org

    Mrs. Timmons, 109 Jamie.Timmons@slps.org

Last Modified on November 17, 2020