Welcome back to another school year!   I am Ms. Wenger the art teacher at Oak Hill Elementary School.  I am very excited to see all the young artists and dive right into some awesome art projects.  It is my hope that we will have a more "hands on" approach to art this school year.  Students will get to use digital skills developed last year, through a digital art unit, as well as keeping a digital portfolio.

    Students' grades will be aligned with visual art standards this year, so report cards may look a little different.  Students will be graded on skills and concepts including: creating, responding to, connecting with, and presenting art.  Lessons will encourage students to work through the creative process in order to create an artwork.  Projects will have an emphasis on various elements and principles of art, as well as an assortment of art history and cross curricular activities.  I look forward to working with all the young artists of Oak Hill.  Let's have a great year.


    Ms. Anna Wenger