• Technology 2022-2023







    Greetings Families,

                  This year, technology distribution will take place differently.  The agreements can be accessed through a website and QR Code.  There are two usage that must be signed prior to your student receiving technology.  One agreement is for SLPS, and the other agreement is for Verizon.  We are once again participating in Verizon’s Innovative Learning Initiative and there is a separate contract to meet the needs of the program.  Upon completion of both contracts, your student will be issued a device.  After the first quarter, students that are cleared to take the device home will be allowed to bring it home daily. Student devices must return to school each day completely charged, as it is a part of daily academic instruction and students that do not have their issued device will not be able to actively participate in class or complete assigned tasks.  See the following page for the agreement information.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the school at 314-932-1464. 







    SLPS Agreement:





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    Verizon Agreement: