• Ms. Moreland
         Name: Mekessa Moreland
          Email: mekessa.moreland@slps.org
          Building Phone: (314) 932-1464
          Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-2:07pm
     "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited."--Plutarch

    Dean's Message:

    Dear Rockets,

    Welcome to AESM @ L'Ouverture!  Whether you are a new or continuing student, you are an important part of our school community.  Recognizing that each student comes in with their own expectations for success, my goal is to help you meet and surpass those expectations.  There will always be challenges.  However, the challenges are not meant to destroy you.  The challenges are meant to be stepping stones or building blocks that one needs to build character. I believe that with positivity, openness, and hard work, great things can happen.

    Biography:  Ms. Moreland is a graduate of Normandy High School.  Before transitioning into education, she received a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  After a few months of working in the field, Ms. Moreland began her journey in education.  Ms. Moreland worked for 13 years with SLPS as a substitute teacher before returning to school.  Ms. Moreland then received her elementary teaching certificate and Master's Degree in Education through Lindenwood University.  Ms. Moreland also holds an additional certificate in Middle School English Language Arts.  This is Ms. Moreland's tenth year with AESM and fourth year as Dean of Students. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking, bowling, skating, and spending time with her children.